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Provacan CBD SPF 30 Sun Cream | Advanced UV Protection


  • SPF 30 actively protects against damaging UV rays
  • 50mg CBD content for cellular support and advanced sun protection
  • Active phytocannabinoid + phytochemical support
  • Laboratory-tested for purity and cannabidiol content
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CBD SPF 30 Sun Cream | Advanced CBD Sun Protection

Provacan SPF 30 CBD Sun Cream combines the protective components of quality UV sun defense with the phytochemical properties of CBD-based support. In addition to SPF 30 UV protection factor, each bottle of Provacan CBD Sun Cream is infused with 50mg cannabidiol content – the same formula that is used in our award-winning hemp tinctures and edibles.

While temporarily effective against damaging UV rays, most traditional sun creams employ a host of laboratory-produced chemicals that end up breaking down in the body’s skin cells. These ingredients oxidize and turn into free radicals – chemical components that may cause harm for the body and can be very difficult to break down.


Provacan CBD Sun Cream combines the internal protective benefits of phytocannabinoids and phytochemicals with the UV-blocking benefits of a traditional high-quality sun cream. Natural, safe, healthy sun protection with the supplemental effects of hemp-based support.

  • 50mg natural CBD content for advanced protection and support
  • SPF 30 factor for long-lasting UV protection
  • Formulated from the award-winning Provacan CBD formula
  • Full-spectrum hemp extract with phytocannabinoid and phytochemical benefits

Few people realize the immense variations that can exist between various sun creams. Some products utilize a chemical “barrier” (oxybenzone, avobenzone, etc) to protect against damaging UV rays, while others employ a physical barrier (Zinc).

No matter the “barrier,” the active ingredients in most UV Sun Creams end up being broken down in skin cells, where they degrade into free radicals that travel throughout the body. Provacan’s Advanced CBD Sun Cream offers the protective benefits of phytochemicals and plant-based cannabinoids while maintaining effective UV blockage and long-lasting sun protection.


As we said, most traditional sun creams pay little attention to the “after-effects” of the active sun UV blocking ingredients. The body’s cells are tireless components that work non-stop to protect against foreign chemicals. The chemicals in most all sun creams break down, and must be dealt with by the body’s cells.

Provacan SPF 30 CBD Sun Cream utilizes natural components and as few ingredients as possible for safe, effective sun protection. Not only that, but the active cannabidiol component helps in maintaining clean, healthy skin cells.

** PROVACAN CBD SPF 30 SUN CREAM CONTAINS LESS THAN 0.05% THC (images are for illustration purposes only)**


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  1. How does a CBD SPF 30 Sun Cream work?
    Provacan CBD Sun Cream contains UV blocking components for long-lasting sun protection, as well as a 50mg infusion of our advanced hemp extract formula. In addition to the UV protective benefits, users also experience the supplemental benefits of the CBD compound, which may help in supporting and nourishing the body’s skin cells after intense UV exposure.
  2. What are the advantages of using a CBD Sun Cream?
    As you know, the sun’s UV rays can be incredibly damaging to the health, appearance, and functionality of the body’s skin cells. While SPF Sun Creams help, the ingredients in most products are likely just as dangerous than the UV rays themselves. We have formulated our SPF30 CBD Sun Cream with as few ingredients as possible, with the supplemental 50mg CBD content working to maintain healthy, nourished skin long after exposure to sun and chemical UV protection.
  3. What’s the difference between Provacan CBD SPF 30 Sun Cream and a “standard” sun cream?
    Most sun protection lotions pay little regard to the ingredients used. As we’ve mentioned, chemical UV barriers (like the active ingredients in a “standard” sun lotion) end up being broken down in the body’s cells and may turn into harmful free radicals. We have formulated our CBD Sun Cream as naturally and with as few ingredients as possible, limited your cell’s exposure to potentially harmful free radicals. Furthermore, the active 50mg CBD component works to support and maintain nourished, healthy skin even after the most intense UV exposure.
  4. How do I use/apply Provacan SPF 30 CBD Sun Cream?
    Just like you would any other sun cream! Apply to the face and any other desired areas that will be exposed to sun, and remember to re-apply approximately every two hours.
  5. Is it safe to use Provacan SPF 30 CBD Sun Cream on kids?
    Absolutely! Our CBD Sun Cream is crafted with care, and the ingredients are formulated with safety and effectiveness in mind. While our lotion is safe to use on children, please ensure that your child (or yourself) does not have any sensitivities to the ingredients listed on the label. If unsure of how you or your child may react to our CBD sun cream, please consult with a health professional.