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CannaJuice Blueberry CBD E-Liquid – 1000mg Gold Label


Organic Blueberry CBD e-Liquid

Blueberries and Cannabidol (CBD) have a lot in common. They’re both natural and bursting with benefits and this e-Liquid combines the goodness of organic CBD with a delicious, fruity blueberry flavour. Our organic blueberry CBD e-Liquid offers an effective, safe and pleasurable way of supporting your health and achieving a state of calm relaxation.

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Blueberry CBD E-Liquid – 1000mg Gold Label

CannaJuice new most potent strength Gold label Blueberry CBD E-liquid. With a sweet, zesty blueberry flavour, this product will help you feel on top of the world. The natural and organic Cannabidol will stimulate the receptors in your brain consequently helping lift your mood.

CannaJuice 1000mg blend will allow you to get a more intense dose of CBD so is an ideal choice for those who only vape once or twice a day. No risks associated with consuming high doses of CBD. It can also be used more regularly with no negative side effects.

1000mg CBD is our top strength and offers superior relief.

Finally Gold label comes in the new 30ml dropper bottle. You get much more CBD for your money and an extremely high dose.


Hemp CBD Gold Oil (Stalk & Leaf).
Vegetable Glycerin. Natural and Organic Flavours.
Made with Terpenes.


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