CBD Edibles are various treats, candies, gummies, chocolates & snacks that are infused with various amounts of Hemp extracted CBD (Cannabidiol) and are available in different flavors, strengths, and designs. Includes sweet & sour gummies, chocolates, oral drops, shots, and more. …

Once you do feel the effects, they tend to be milder but last longer than other ingestion methods. Hence around four hours. Capsules are similar to edibles as far as the time needed to become effective. (up to an hour) and how long those effects last (around four hours).

In other words, CBD does not get you ‘high‘ or stoned. … It’s because your association of cannabis is to the marijuana plants bread for high THC content – the specific cannabinoid that gets you high. However, cannabis contains many other cannabinoids – most of which do not get you high, like CBD.

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