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  • CannaJuice Blueberry

    CannaJuice Blueberry CBD E-Liquid 50-300mg

    Organic Blueberry CBD e-Liquid

    Blueberries and Cannabidol (CBD) have a lot in common. They’re both natural and bursting with health benefits and this e-Liquid combines the goodness of organic CBD with a delicious, fruity blueberry flavour. Our organic blueberry CBD e-Liquid offers an effective, safe and pleasurable way of supporting your health, managing pain and achieving a state of calm relaxation. You can choose from three strengths – 50mg, 100mg and 300m

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  • Organic Watermelon

    CannaJuice Organic Watermelon CBD E-Liquid 50 – 300mg

    Organic Watermelon CBD e-Liquid

    There are few things more refreshing than a watermelon. Now you can enjoy the delightful flavour of watermelon and the health benefits of Cannabidol (CBD) in one enjoyable vaping experience. Available in strengths to meet your needs,you can choose from 50mg, 100mg or 300mg of CBD per 15ml bottle.

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  • Green Apple CBD

    CannaJuice Green Apple CBD E-Liquid 50mg -300mg

    Organic Green Apple CBD e-Liquid

    Green apples are fresh, tangy and mouth-wateringly juicy. There’s only one way you can improve on a shiny green apple and that is to recreate the delicious taste in an organic e-liquid packed full of the health benefits offered by Cannabidol (CBD). They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away and with the ingenious addition of CBD, this is probably very true. Our amazing green apple e-Liquid will offer you a vaping experience like no other and is available in three strengths – 50mg, 100mg and 300mg.

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  • CannaJuice Blue Raspberry

    CannaJuice Blue Raspberry CBD E-Liquid 50mg- 300mg

    Blue Raspberry CBD E Liquid

    If you loved blue raspberry ice pops as a child, this e-Liquid will bring back happy memories and help your recapture your youth. The sweet fruity flavour offers a delicious vaping experience combined with the calming and pain-relieving benefits of Cannabidol (CBD).


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  • CannaJuice Strawberry CBD E Liquid 50mg – 300mg

    CannaJuice Strawberry CBD E Liquid 50mg – 300mg

    Organic Strawberry CBD e-Liquid

    The taste of strawberries conjure up images of relaxing in the sunshine on an English summer’s day. This Cannajuice product will allow you to enjoy the feeling of summer all year round with a deliciously tangy strawberry flavour. Containing organic and GM-free CBD, this product has a lot more going for it than a great taste. It is a great relaxation aid and can provide relief for those living with a range of conditions including multiple sclerosis, arthritis and epilepsy.

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  • CBD Vape Liquid

    Hempura CBD Vape Liquid 250mg

    First of all Scientific analysis reveals that the CBD oil is rich in active cannabinoids, hence a group of compounds that plays crucial role in the maintenance of body homeostasis. The ultra-filtration process allows a vast amount of nutritional value to be packed in a single drop of Hempura CBD oil.

    • Organic Hemp Oil
    • 10ml Bottle
    • 250mg CBD
    • 60:50 (VG) to (PG)
    • Laboratory-Tested / CBD Content Verified
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