CBD Paste

CBD paste is the purest form of CBD on the market. The concentrated oil is packaged in easy to use syringes. The CBD percentages in these products are a lot higher than in other products. At CBD WORLD ONLINE.com we only stock the highest quality paste.

How Do You Use a CBD Paste?

Using cannabinoid paste is very simple – typically you would take a small quantity of the paste under your tongue up to 2 times per day, squeezing a small amount from the syringe onto your finger then placing your finger in your mouth. The cannabinoid paste has a pleasant earthy flavour and is often chosen as it multiple doses do not irritate the mouth or the back of the throat.  Other popular methods of using CBD paste include combining it with food. Generally, you would eat Cannabinoid paste rather than smoking it or consuming it in any other way.

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  • 5g cbd syringe

    CBD Life17% Whole Plant Hemp Extract 5g – 850mg CBD+CBDa

    Whole Plant Hemp Extract – 17% CBD+CBDa

    This is the wonderful CBD rich hemp paste which is CO2 extracted from organically grown hemp in the EU. This is the most concentrated form of CBD-rich hemp paste we supply. This is perfect for those who wish to ingest high quantities of CBD and the other compounds found in our oil. It is because we use the whole plant with a full range of therapeutic compounds that our products work much better than isolated CBD alone. See below for more information.
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  • Flora Fusion 5g Syringe 825mg CBD Paste 1

    Flora Fusion 5g Syringe 825mg CBD Paste

    Buy 5g Syringe of 825mg CBD Paste

    Our Flora Fusion CBD Paste is made from Organic, Full Spectrum Cannabinoids.

    Cannabinoid Paste Content – The Paste’s contents includes a minimum of 825 mg of CBD content which is =   to 825mg of the entire formula. This is a high concentration of Cannabinoids and Vitamins.

    Full Spectrum – CBG, CBDa, CBN, Terpenes, Flavonoids

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  • Raw Hemp Extract

    ADVANCE BIOTECH Raw Hemp Extract 36% CBD+CBDa 3ml

    100% natural CBD Paste containing 36% CBD and a full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes.

    Store in a cool dry environment

    Recommended Dose: 0.05ml taken underneath the tongue, 1-2x Daily. 1 line on syringe = 0.1ml (2 Doses)

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  • Amma Life Purified Pink CBD Paste 3000mg/10g 2

    Amma Life Purified Pink CBD Paste 3000mg/10g

    The Amma Life CBD 30% naturally pink paste has been purified twice using the premium decarboxylation method. To give it its distinct pink hue. Also the multiple purification process helps to further remove waxes and plant materials so it leaves a more purified finished CBD paste.

    • Whole Plant Extract
    • 10g Tube
    • 3000mg CBD
    • Full Spectrum Paste
    • Laboratory Tested/CBD Content Guaranteed
    • Less Than 0.2 THC


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  • Provacan 2500mg (5%) | CBD Paste 3

    Provacan 2500mg (5%) | CBD Paste

    • 2500mg hemp-extracted phytocannabinoids
    • Sourced from organic EU hemp
    • No artificial flavours or fragrances
    • Lab-verified for purity and phytochemical content
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  • CBD One Absorb Pure+ 4

    CBD One Absorb Pure+

    CBD-One Absorb Pure+ is our most advanced water based formula, therefore offering easy absorption and effectiveness in your body. Firstly Pure+ utilizes special High Concentration CBD Paste. Absorption Redefined!

    • Organic Whole Hemp Plant Paste
    • 50 Doses
    • 16mg Per Dose
    • Full Spectrum Paste
    • Laboratory Tested/CBD Content Verified
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