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Bio Bloom
Bio Bloom means, traditional and unique approach to cultivation of hemp plants and production process from Austria. The hemp crop grown on 150 hectares of particularly fertile soil is harvested and processed by hand. Bio Bloom farmers do not allow for any machine work, which is why the farm, as one of very few in Europe, has been awarded the Austrian and the Hungarian BIO certificate for controlled organic farms. Our owners control the entire process from seed sowing, cultivation and harvest all the way to production, which is a confirmation of the uniqueness and a guarantee of the highest possible quality and purity of the product.

Bio Bloom farmers have been growing crops for three generations. For many years, the company has been growing steadily, gathering experience and the knowledge of generations to become the valued international company it is today. Medicinal qualities of this plant have been used for millennia in variety cultures and it is Bio Bloom’s mission to produce hemp products in order to achieve health and well-being benefits. Controlled hemp cultivation in rows in guaranteed spacing focuses on the quality, not quantity and allows each plant to get optimal sun exposure. This allows for a healthy and strong plant, which is a primary quality indicator for our owners.

Bio Bloom attempts to produce the purest product for its customers. Each production stage is constantly monitored „from seed sowing to twisting the lid on the bottle”.

„From Seed to Extract” guarantee confirms that Bio Bloom supplements are of the highest achievable quality and purity.

What makes the Bio Bloom hemp extract so special?

? Cultivation: EXCEPTIONAL SOIL – the hemp plants are grown in an exceptional soil, which was a bottom of a lake for over 4000 years.

? SPECIAL GROWING METHOD – the company’s focus is on the quality, not quantity. Bio Bloom ensures each of the plants has got enough room so that they are prevented from competing with one another. This way, the plants naturally develop high concentration of cannabinoids and other precious substances.

3. BIO – CERTIFICATE – Bio Bloom farm has been awarded European Union BIO-certificate, confirming that it does not use pesticides, herbicides or genetically modified seeds for growing hemp plants.
? AT-BIO-301
? GB-ORG-06
Confirmed within UK by Biodynamic Association Certification
Reg Nr. 738

Hemp plants used to make Bio Bloom products are harvested and processed by hand. Next, they are gently dried for up to 36 hours in the maximum temperature of 50?C.

Co2 supercritical extraction:
This exceptionally gentle method of extraction ensures that the entire natural wealth of cannabidiolic acids, cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids remains intact.

“Our extract contains the entire plant”