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Advance Biotech Ltd is a specialist CBD producer. They are headquartered in the United Kingdom. They have a vast experience in the manufacture and distribution of the most unique and pure hemp-based branded products within the market.

With the ever-expanding knowledge of hemp-based research in the ever-changing global marketplace, Advance Biotech Ltd pioneer and strive to be at the forefront of this global change.

As part of the manufacturing process, Advance Biotech Ltd place a special emphasis on the quality of hemp used. This is of paramount importance to us. All hemp they use is hand harvested from organically certified cultivators within Europe. This helps create a low impact on the environment and ensures the hemp is not polluted with foreign contaminants from heavy machinery.

They have their sights firmly planted on the exciting future within the world of hemp. They will continue to formulate and provide the best quality products for you, safe in the knowledge of Advance Biotech’s guarantee of ethically sourced quality products.

First and foremost, Lab Testing. All Advance Biotech CBD are independently lab tested. This ensures the consumer is getting exactly what has been paid for, comfortable in the knowledge that the products are safe and legal. If you are currently using a Advance Biotech CBD Oil and do not have access to the lab reports, request it from the manufacturer immediately. Each new batch of ‘Raw Hemp Extract’ (or as its more commonly known, ‘CBD Paste’) that we produce is lab tested to ensure quality and consistency when it goes on to create of our range of products.

Sourcing the finest, organic hemp material allows us to make certain our products meet the high standards that we aim for. Extracting for several years has allowed us to build strong relationships with hemp farmers throughout Europe. The hemp we use has not been forced to grow quicker or been planted on land that has been over cropped. This enables better control over soil conditions and temperature to grow the ideal crop. Once the hemp is ready, it is hand harvested and dried, ready to be used for extraction.

CBD products should be accessible to as many people as possible which is why the Advance Biotech range is certified Organic, Vegan and Kosher meaning there is something for everyone.

Advance Biotech products all come with easy to ready packaging, no confusing CBD percentages or milligram calculations, just simple, honest and easy to understand information, taking the uncertainty out of your product selection.